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TANAH JAMBU, Friday 4 October 2019 – The Defence Academy yet again held its monthly special lecture or Kuliah Subuh for the month of October earlier today. The event took place at Surau Asy-Syuhadah, Defence Academy and the lecture was delivered by Ustaz Pg Fakhrul Syakirin bin Pg Hj Zainuddin, RBAirF's Religious Officer.

Present at the occasion was Colonel Haji Muhammad Haszaimi bin Bol Hassan, Commandant of the Defence Academy, as the guest of honour. Amongst the attendees were Major Pg Khatamal Zariah bte Pg Haji Kamaluddin, Acting Commanding Officer of Intake 18, Major Mohammad Ghazali bin Haji Hussin, senior officers and officers, RBAF personnel and Officer Cadets of Intake 18.

The ceremony began with mass Subuh prayer and followed by a religious lecture titled "Targhib Wa Tarhib" in which the term means "encouragement and warnings". Based on hadiths, the lecture further explained how our good and bad deeds will not go unnoticed especially in the hereafter thus encourages the believers to abide by the Islamic law and avoid any actions that goes against Islam. By having this kind of event, surely one of the attempt in strengthening our beliefs, remain faithful and lawful in His paths. The event later continued with recital of Surah Al-Kahfi (54 – 110), along with translation of the Surah; from 31-40 and ended with Dhuha prayer.