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TANAH JAMBU, Tuesday, 01 September 2020 - The Opening Ceremony of the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Intermediate Staff Course 20/2020 (RBAF ISC 20/2020) was held today at the Auditorium of the Defence Academy Royal Brunei Armed Forces (DA RBAF), Kampung Tanah Jambu. Present to officiate the opening ceremony was the Guest of Honour, Lieutenant Colonel Hajah Suriyati binti Haji Junaidi, Acting Commandant of DA RBAF.

The opening ceremony began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah and Surah Ali-Imran (Verse 190-193), led by Lieutenant Ahmad Zubair bin Abdul Nasir, Royal Brunei Navy. In her speech, she mentioned that this course is a paradigm shift to the next stage of military leadership evolution, and that the transition from tactical to operational ways of thinking and solving problems. She also reiterated His Majesty's Titah on OCS  Sovereign's Parade of Intake 17 earlier this year that in its 10th Anniversary, DA RBAF will continue to become a more prestigious and effective military institution in both regionally and internationally. ISC serves as the prime example of this continual application of highest levels of military and academic standards.

RBAF ISC is a 14-week course conducted by the Leadership and Management Course, with the objective to prepare officers at intermediate to middle management level to become credible and competent Staff Officers in single service and joint environment. RBAF ISC is a mandatory career course for RBAF officers holding the rank of Captain / Lieutenant prior to being promoted to Major / Lieutenant Commander.

Total attendees for ISC 20/2020 are 50 officers, comprising of 20 officers from Royal Brunei Land Force, 18 officers from Royal Brunei Navy, 10 officers from Royal Brunei Air Force, one officer from Special Forces Regiment and one officer from the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF).