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PENANJONG GARRISON, Monday, 22 November 2021 – The Commander’s Challenge for the Officer Cadets of Intake 20 ended this morning at Penanjong Garrison. The event was officially launched on Sunday evening with the deployment of the first group consisting of 3 sections of Officer Cadets followed by the other two groups according to their starting time. The Officer Cadets have undergone a series of tasks and scenarios which were stretched along Penanjong Garrison. The Commander’s Challenge is the iconic and prestigious event that takes place during the end of Special to Service term which accumulates every assessment based on lessons and training throughout the commissioning course. The challenge ended with a Novelty Shooting match participated by the Commander of Royal Brunei Armed Forces and officers of Defence Academy RBAF.

Present to officiate the prize presentation was the Commander of Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Major General (U) Dato Seri Pahlawan Haji Hamzah bin Haji Sahat, who was welcomed by the Acting Commandant of Defence Academy RBAF, Lieutenant Colonel (U) Azmie Iskandar bin Ariffin, and the Commanding Officer of OCS, Lieutenant Colonel Pg Siti Khatamalzariah binti Pg Haji Kamaludin. One of the objectives of the Commander’s Challenge was to promote healthy inter-section competition where the Officer Cadets were tested on their leadership skills, physical endurance and critical thinking abilities as well as teamwork coordination. 1 Platoon 1 Section became victorious with the fastest time to complete the challenge and received the challenge trophy. The Commander’s Challenge ended with a photo session with the Commander of Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Defence Academy RBAF Officers, Officer Cadet School Staff and supporting staff as well as the Officer Cadets of Intake 20.